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"It was a great evening honoring

  Joni Mitchell's amazing career.

  Kiki Ebsen was purely terrific"

  Myrna Daniels ~ LA Jazz Scene

“Joni Mitchell is a brave and fearless explorer of the heart and soul. Her music continues to inspire others. My lifelong appreciation of her creative gifts and performing talents was the impetus for creating my Joni Mitchell Project. ”

— Kiki Ebsen

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Now in her ninth year, Kiki Ebsen has enjoyed bringing the diverse catalog of Joni Mitchell's songs to those who resonate in the elegant music and profound lyrics. She found audiences agreeing that "Joni's music must be played (and heard) often." Kiki's Joni Mitchell Project has received wide acclaim in performances from intimate jazz clubs to outdoor festivals. Kiki is equally at home on piano and guitar and backed by a stellar band of seasoned musicians. You'll enjoy this special evening and the genius of the Joni Mitchell songbook.  From Joni's earliest years to her later, more edgy, material, Kiki and her band pay tribute to Joni Mitchell, her music, style, originality and pure artistry.

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